Accounting and FinTech, Does it matter to you?

Accounting and Fintech are different industries in the world that hit each other.  But what are the difference of the two?  Accountants are the first to call of business owners in terms of financial advice and has an obligation to know about fintech lending to get significant opportunity on the competition.

Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept

Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept

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Entrepreneurs never stop learning

The most successful entrepreneurs and executives are savvy business people first, and experts in their field second. This may seem counter-intuitive to technologists, especially in an era when technology seems to be driving the world. Yet the sad truth is that a technology not focused on a real problem is not a business, and will probably fail in the marketplace.

It still amazes me how many entrepreneurs can sustain a moderate market shares in their respective industry, but fail to comprehend the big picture requirements for positive cash flow and profit. 0d4d06d4-39b7-420f-a976-1ebb913eb9da

A new book by Kevin Cope, “Seeing the Big Picture”, does a great job of outlining the basics of business acumen for executives, and helped me assimilate some practical ideas on building the essential elements:

1. Reserve time daily to research the market, as well as technology. Learning is a never-ending requirement for every entrepreneur. At best, all they teach you in school is how to learn. In these days of rapid change, most experts believe that the facts college students learn as a sophomore is obsolete before they exit their senior year. Read more

How Evernote change office life and your lifestyle

Evernote is a web-based note taking application.  It is useful and flexible and an ability to synchronize itself across multiple platforms and devices. I have it installed on my office PC, my home PC, my laptop and my Android phone.  It visible to others automatically once shared.


Notes can be tagged and stored in different notebooks.  It can be text, pictures, or audio files.  It’s easier to discuss how it can be used.

I use Evernote as an illustration,  it increases productivity and upgrade lifestyle.

I use Evernote at work by clipping content from the internet that I have to read later. I keep a to do list for work related items. While I’m out at the office, Evernote’s audio note function allows me to record a note for action when I return to desk.  This allows me to capture notes from emails quickly.  I use Evernote to write these blog posts as well. The tagging system allows a post to move from an “Idea” to “work in process” and finally to a “blog posted”. Unfinished posts can be accessed anywhere and anytime that I am about to write.

Evernote is also for personal use.  When plan to go grocery weekly I make a “to do” a list and save as Grocery list note.  When I run out of something I access the list on the phone at the grocery store or even at hardware and warehouse club as well.  Additionally, a new purchased book or manual can also be stored in Evernote.  Just go to manufacturer’s website, download pdf file and send it to Evernote, it is PAPERLESS.  Hotel reservations and recent trips can store in note too.

I find the uses of device differently. My phone is primarily used to capture data quickly and for simply viewing data. The PC application is better on organization and for clipping content off web pages. I might take a picture of something and put the phone back in my pocket.  For example, I found Doube A A4 paper rim in TESCO at low price. I took a picture on it and tagged on our firm’s private forum to let evernote user know about it so they could tell clients where to find it.

Evernote is free to install and use. They offer a premium service with higher data limits and the ability to save any file. I only recently upgraded to premium. The free account is good enough for the majority of users, as I used it for months before upgrading.

I will blog again after my firm is ready to go paperless and virtual office by upgrading to Evernote Business.