Accounting and FinTech, Does it matter to you?

Accounting and Fintech are different industries in the world that hit each other.  But what are the difference of the two?  Accountants are the first to call of business owners in terms of financial advice and has an obligation to know about fintech lending to get significant opportunity on the competition.

Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept

Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept

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Reducing resistance of new technology

Keep in mind that the source of resistance is not always straightforward, so we must never assume that the technology itself is always the catalyst. In cases where technology truly is the issue, five steps can reduce the headaches and frustrations on both sides.

1. Communicate the Objective to each person on how they will help to achieve it

2. Show support for the technology from all angles

3. Show support for the people within your organisation

4. Relate the technology to the person

5. Involve the person who is affected