Bookkeeping Trends in 2016

If you are a freelance bookkeeper (or are planning to become one) you need to be aware of some useful habits to ensure success with your bookkeeping business. These habits won’t make or break you, but they will help your business run more smoothly and prevent frustration in the long-run.


Some bookkeepers are morning people and others don’t get into their groove until the afternoon rolls around. Find the time that you feel most productive and use that time for the work that requires the most concentration. 

Presently, we’re seeing organizations like Intuit make exceptional moves to get an ever increasing number of individuals into the cloud. Placing data in the cloud makes business well. Intuit can charge clients a repeating month to month expense, which organizations cherish. PCs will do the reading carefully, starting now and into the foreseeable future.  Optical character recognition (OCR) is an innovation that transforms pictures into coherent and editable content. Hope to hear more about this and for it to require less and less investment to process archives. The innovation has officially made a far cry, yet there’s a lot of space for process change.

The universe of bookkeeping is much the same as the world of retail in such manner. What bookkeeping organizations and bookkeepers need is to offer more things and explore to a new trend of bookkeeping industry.



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